Public broadcasters in Europe will face huge changes in the next decade. In October 2012, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) launched Vision2020 to investigate how public service media (PSM) can adapt to these changes in a way that serves their audiences best.

After a year-long investigation that garnered the opinion of more than 150 Members and experts from the EBU community, the VISION2020 team presented its findings to the 2013 winter General Assembly.

VISION2020 inspires Members to play a vital role in European societies in 2020 and beyond. It offers recommendations to develop PSM to a higher level and transform broadcast organizations into ‘networked’ companies. It is a digital catalogue of ideas that Members can dip into according to need.

VISION2020 is anything but done. The project marked the start of a collaboration between the EBU and its Members that will carry on into the future. Its deeper value lies not only in its findings, but in the process itself: bringing Members together to establish a framework, support each other in strategy development, and create sustainable models for the years to come.

As a group, we possess a mountain of knowledge that we are only now beginning to exploit and share. Ours is a community deeply committed to a forward-looking public service.

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