Ruurd Bierman in the media. An overview of Interviews, Articles and Blog Posts.

1510, 2018

Learning from Public Service Media in Transformation (Report 2018)

15 oktober, 2018|Categories: Media|

Learning from Public Service Media in Transformation - Digital Transformation Initiative Status Report. This report was created for the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and published in 2018. Ruurd Bierman was one of the co-authors. Read the full report [...]

1510, 2017

Public Service Media and the Power of Drama (Report 2017)

15 oktober, 2017|Categories: Media|

Public Service Media and the Power of Drama - New ways of collaborating make us stronger. This Report was created for the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and published in August 2017. Ruurd Bierman was the co-author. Read the full report (PDF) >

2902, 2016

Article ‘Sign of the Times’, ORF Public Value Report 2016

29 februari, 2016|Categories: Media|

Article ‘Sign of the Times', to be published in the ORF Public Value Report 2016 New Article following soon!

2410, 2014

The Re-Invention of Public Broadcasting

24 oktober, 2014|Categories: Media|Tags: |

'De heruitvinding van de publieke omroep' Article (in Dutch) in Magazine 609, No. 17, from the Dutch Cultural Media Fund, published October 2014. Together with Andra Leurdijk from FORALLMEDIA, Ruurd analyzes the public broadcasting system and [...]

2207, 2013

TV Revolution

22 juli, 2013|Categories: Media|Tags: , |

Big headlines in chocolate letters on the front page of my favourite Dutch daily newspaper de Volkskrant: THE TV REVOLUTION WILL FINALLY REACH HOLLAND THIS SUMMER. Apparently, I’m no great Media insider. I had [...]

1906, 2013

Interview Fast Moving Targets: Choices will have to be made

19 juni, 2013|Categories: Media|Tags: |

Ruurd is interviewed for Fast Moving Targets, Platform for innovation in the field of media, communication and technology. He talks to Leonieke Daalder about the future of public broadcasting (in dutch). Read the full article [...]