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Chair of the Board of NFF (the Dutch Film Festival, since 2017)

Since 2017 Ruurd is Chair of the Board of the NFF (the Dutch Film Festival). The Nederlands Film Festival is both the home of Dutch cinema and the leading platform for the Netherlands’ national film culture.

Chair of the Board of VNPF (since 2016)

Since september 2016 Ruurd Bierman is active as Chair of the Board of the 'Vereniging Nederlandse Poppodia en -Festivals (VNPF)'. The Association of Dutch pop music venues and festivals. You can read more at: vnpf.nl/nieuws/ruurd-bierman-nieuwe-voorzitter-vnpf (dutch article)

Think Bigger, presentation at Saami RTV meeting in Finland

Think Bigger, Presentation at Saami RTV meeting in Finland (November 2015)

Article ‘Sign of the Times’, ORF Public Value Report 2016

Article ‘Sign of the Times', to be published in the ORF Public Value Report 2016 New Article following soon!

Executive Director of the Dutch Cultural Media Fund (January 2015 – June 2017)

The Dutch Cultural Media Fund subsidizes high quality programs on tv, radio and online, and promotes debates with program makers and producers about their craft.

EBU Consultant (since August 2014)

Participation in strategic projects (like Contribution to Society, Global Competition, Co-Production Models, Generation What) and moderating strategy sessions.

Knowledge Exchange 2015 Geneva

In September 2015 Ruurd attended the EBU Knowledge Exchange in Geneva. He took part in various parts of the event, like moderation, a panel and interviews.  

Media Fast Forward 2014. Keynote speech: Denk groter, kies scherper

Denk groter, kies scherper (think bigger, decide with more focus). Ruurd Bierman holds a keynote speech at the Media Fast Forward 2014 conference in Brussels. (In Dutch)

Contribution to Society

The EBU develops a tool for assessing the contribuition of public service broadcasters to their respective audiences and societies. Together with the Hans Bredow Institute in Hamburg and a group of EBU members, indicators are identified and best practices collected. Ruurd is involved as consultant.

Generation What

Generation What is a transmedia format, aimed at the younger population. It has been succesfully introduced in France. France Television, Upian, Yammi2 and the EBU develop this currently into an international project. Ruurd is involved on behalf of the EBU as project manager.